What your need to know
Trip Information

In recent years a minority of our visitors have come a little unprepared for the terrain which they encounter when visiting the islands.


Landing on Lunga varies depending on the state of the tide.  Stepping off the pontoon onto wet boulders (the worst scenario with a low tide) can sound a bit daunting but is negotiated safely by many thousands each year.

Anyone with concerns regarding the level of ability required to land and traverse the shore up to the paths is very welcome to stay on board and can, subject to conditions on the day, be taken on a short cruise to view the birds/seals/etc. from the boat.


Nesting Birds

Cliff edges are dangerous. All the birds and their habitat are protected by law.  Tramping on or close to puffin burrows – which can result in their collapse – is not permitted. Maintain a respectful distance from other bird’s nests to minimise disturbance.


Visually/ Physically impaired

We will always try to accommodate the visually or physically impaired providing we are consulted before the proposed trip. Discounts apply.



The Staffa landing and path to Fingal’s Cave are relatively straightforward. There is a safety rail and non-slip surface on the columns although these are uneven in places.  While slightly boggy in parts, the rest of Staffa is accessed by ascending a stairway above the landing place. Common sense dictates that visitors should stay well back from cliff edges.

The terrain is mostly similar to that which you might encounter on an easy hill walk. Occasionally those with a tendency to vertigo will opt to stay on board, (they are very welcome)  – usually for a wee cruise around part of the island, depending on weather conditions on the day.  From May to the beginning of August, there will be puffins to see on the water at the North end of Staffa.

What to wear / pack

We recommend warm waterproof clothing. You can always remove items if it turns tropical.
Walking boots / sensible shoes

If you are unsure about what to wear, please get in contact