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The National Trust for Scotland was originally set up in 1931 with the remit to preserve and conserve heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world.

The Trust is Scotland’s largest membership organisation and it prides itself  in conserving and promoting the nation’s treasured places and collections in order that they can be enjoyed not only by present generations but also for those yet to come!.

Their properties are incredibly varied and spread all across Scotland ‘from the most northerly tip of Shetland to the south coast of Dumfries and Galloway; from the eastern shore of the country at St Abb’s Head to the most westerly islands of St Kilda in the Atlantic Ocean, 64 kilometres from the nearest landfall’.

Staffa was entrusted to the National Trust for Scotland in 1986 by American John Elliott, Jr in honour of his wife Elly’s birthday. Renowned internationally as a ‘wonder of the world’ it is certainly appropriate that the island is being managed by the Trust in a way that ensures access to as many people as possible.

The National Trust are working to ensure access remains for the future by undertaking an ambitious upgrade of the wider landing area including the stairway which will make it easier for visitors while retaining the unique nature of the island. Work should begin in 2022 and be completed by 2023.

Click HERE to access an NTS guide to Staffa.

The NTS also recommend visitors have a look at Google Streetview before visiting as this shows the terrain that will be encountered. This can be viewed HERE.

Staffa was also designated a National Nature Reserve in 2001 and sits within the Loch na Keal National Scenic Area.


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